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American Social Label Care to Change the World

How we create inclusive and tolerant societies, state by state, in the United States

American Social Label, an introduction

The demographic differences between America, Africa, Asia and Europe drove us to create a specific division called AMSL,American Social Label, to allow for local adaptations based on the already existing cncepts. Perhaps America is the closest to Europe, as we see it, in culture and lifestyle. Many cities in the US have specific areas with demographic problems, it can literally be from street to street, and there is a completely different approach on wellfare and social integration. The biggest tech companies all resides in the US and the capitalism is what drives the country forward. 

With the introduction of the American Social Label division, the task is turn capitalism into smart capitalism. With the concepts created and developed in Europe the purpose is to make an adaptation to the American market. Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, is highest fashion in the US but its almost always about donating to charity. Our own foundation, EUSL Foundation, is sponsored monthly by both Google, Microsoft and Facebook, just to give an example. Its all about giving to someone else, so the company can have a clean conscience and let someone else take care of the problem. 

The American Social Label wants to be this ‘someone else’ while at the same time show the American SME-sector how much they can do themselves while at the same time increase their own revenue streams and create better communities. The American Social Label wants to bring down the walls between communities and make them work together instead of against each other., while at the same time stay true to the European Social Labels concepts and developments. 

“I paid off my car the other day and immediately dropped 35 points on my credit score. The US system in a nutshell…”

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This is the American Social Label Care to Change the World

Built on the original, European Social Label based in Europe, the concepts created for a more inclusive society is adapted to better suit a new continent. Thus the American Social Label was created with its own ruleset and solutions. The goal, however, is the same: No person above the age of 15 shall be out of a job or access to education for more than 30 days. 

This is the definition of exclusion, according to the European Social Label, and is most relevant to America as well. Given the similarities as well as the differences between American and Europe, there were no hesitation about creating its own division. 

The American Social Label wish to support all states in the United States of America in the process of creating a continent for everyone, with a high level of inclusion and understanding between neighbourhoods and commonuties, and have attractive SME’s the rest of the world will utilize as well as being both green, inclusive and tolerant.

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EUSL logo

Our concepts For an inclusive America

The concepts are created on three foundations: SME-sector, governmental and the individual. These three combined should be enough to cover most of the possible situationes and should new knowledge arise a fourth foundation will easily be added. The main concept is targeted at the SME-sector and its purpose is to make it attractive for small and medium enterprises to work with people in exclusion. The other two concepts rely on education and personal development, so a person becomes attractive enough to either be hired by a company in the US or start his or her own business. 

The concepts are developed by the EUSL Group, a sub division to European Social Label and are generally based on a Swedish model. This model is further developed to better suit a neighbouring country and in the end the whole of EU. With the demographic differences, laws and rulesets, culture, religions and beliefs, the concepts will always strive for being more flexible and adaptable for more people. To clear out a common belief, Sweden nor any other Scandinavian countries are driven by socialism. Rather, these countries are small market economies and with local adaptations to US standards there is a possibility that the American Social Label will be successful in America. 

The end goal is to both support and rival the current systems in each state where the organization is active, be it New York, Delaware or Kentucky. It is by doing both the current system can better focus on other things while at the same time find out good examples of how integration, education and equal societies can be handled. 

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American Social Label's purpose and goal To create a more inclusive society, street by street, community by community

With the European Social Label in mind, not much is changed regarding purpose and goal. Its a given that the challenge and solution is different but the task at hand is similar. The American Social Label will work for a more inclusive and tolerant America, without forcing its own beliefs or culture on to the many different views in America. American, being the center of the fourth industrial revolution takes the lead in shaping the new world and is very interesting say the least and its development is something that the American Social Label and its European counterparts wish to be a huge part of. 

Our organization strives for a more inclusive and tolerant society, mainly by making it attractive for the SME-sector work with people in exclusion. Seeing how American is bound to take the lead over the next 20-50 years technology wise, its imperative that as much of the original concepts as  possible can easily be adapted into the society all over the continent. People not being able to take part from the effects of the fourth industrial era are likely to be excluded with only negative consequences as a result. A successful result from the American Social Label will likely bring Americans communities closer to each other with more understand and less hate between people. There are exciting times ahead of us and we are proud to be a part of it. 

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EUSL logo

World Social Label A part of something bigger

African Social Label is one of four divisions under the World Social Label. All divisions are so different from each other that it would be impossible for a single organization to act exactly the same everywhere without local adaptation. It is in the European Social Label that everything started and this is where the engine is located that drives the rest of the divisions and operations. The World Social Label’s mission is rather to convey knowledge and experience to other divisions in an evidence-based way and then let each division apply the one they find best.

The EU consists of 27 countries, including Sweden. Sweden, in turn, is broken down into 21 market areas that follow the county division. Africa, broken down into similar parts defined as a country and local market areas, as demographic and other challenges differ so significantly. But the goal is a holistic approach to integration in society and the existing concepts are judged to be able to do this, but where the local focus is more on one and less on the other.


More cabinetts

Other cabinets can be visited at the following links. It is clear that based on the names, one associates with different problems and challenges. But the fact is that the solution is the same, which is education and jobs. In order for it to be realized, the current system needs to be updated and that is where we come in.

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AMSL Foundation

The foundation that ensures that the surplus reaches those who need it the most

European Social Label, and thus the African Social Label, is applying the idea-driven concept, which means that there is a bigger goal thansimply just making money. Instead, the surplus goes directly into our own foundation, which in turn distributes funds to various social projects, which are fully defined by the members of the African Social Labe, European Social Label, American Social Label and the Asian Social Label.